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01 January 2021

Town Halls for when Management needs to communicate with staff

Communicating with staff directly ensures a very clear communication path between top management and ALL staff, without all the go-betweens / intermediary that may get the message wrong in a geniune manner or consciously change the narrative to suit a personal agenda. 

We organise Town Halls with Interpretation to enable Top Management to speak and communicate directly with staff at all members. 

To enhance the engagement of Town Halls, provide:

  1. Polls - to gauge a situation or get feedback on a topic.
  2. Q&A - to allow staff to ask questions, to rank the most important ones and then answer the most pressing issues. 
  3. On screen emoticons for instant reaction to something said
  4. Share screens and presentations for better communication
  5. Branding for a better style and consistent message
If it makes you feel more comfortable, we will run a rehearsal or a private practice session -  so that you feel comfortable as a speaker.
Listen to your staff directly as they speak and our native Interpreters communicate to you in a language you can comprehend.


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