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Our solutions work because we bring together the expertise of interpreters, technology, and the needs of our clients. We go beyond selling equipment or platforms; our focus is on interpreting, planning, organizing, and executing top-notch events that meet the unique business requirements of each customer. Trust us to bring your vision to life.

Our team's expertise lies in actively listening and delivering the precise outcome you seek, specifically when you possess a clear vision but lack the means to execute it. Trust us to bring your ideas to life.

Started by Robert
and Cyril - inspired by their wives!

Cyril Belange is a professional Interpreter and Robert Sababady is businessman with a technical background.

We set up Online Interpreters Worldwide as a result of COVIS-19 and the sincere objective to provide our own clients with good quality remote interpretation, known as RSI.

Both interpreters and clients alike, that are new to the world RSI find the concept and confusing -  so we decided to simplify it for all of them.

Robert: "I have a an engineering and business management background and so technology is something that inspires me."


Cyril: "I am Interpreter. I have been an Interpreter for most of my professional life. It is what I do the best, what I love and enjoy. Interpreting is not a job - it is a way of life."

Our business - Facilitating Online Interpreting WorldWide