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Trade Fairs and Symposiums

"Everything we do ultimately should generate sales"


In every conversation with you, we strive to understand your desired outcome. Our team of dedicated experts in Trade fairs and Symposiums understands the nuances of online events, and leverages their experience to help you achieve your goals. With a deep understanding of both the Trade Fair business and the Online interpreting business, our team brings their valuable skills and knowledge to ensure that the outcome you desire is achieved.

12 May 2021
Once we get past the discussion as to whether we call it Live Translation or Simultaneous Interpretation, we can then focus on organizing Town Halls on your in house corporate network, using the applications you know and have approved by your IT Department and within the security regime you must maintain. Your Speakers and your Attendees So what is the choice of language to speak in by your Speakers and what language would your Attendees like to listen to the
26 April 2021
We have evolved over the last year.  Cyril has grown his skills in the area of virtual event producing and Aleksandra Cybulska joined us to bring in all the event experience as an organizer of live and online events. The main areas of development are: Live streaming into multiple languages for coporate clients Hybrid events with interpretation Pre-event and post-event marketing and promotion Have a look at our new portfolio and contact us - Let's talk! Click here to view
08 April 2021
Hopin has been holding some very interesting online events recently. I recommend that you take some time off and attend them. This coming Wednesday, 14 of April 2021, the topic will be Virtual Employee Engagement - something we all struggle with! Sign up here: https://hopin.com/events/webinar-secrets-to-virtual-employee-engagement My takeaways I will be sharing my takeaways from the event here!