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07 January 2021

How to set up a meeting with interpretation

A good event is like a well prepared meal. Made from the best ingredients, in the right proportions, at the right time, presented by the right way, at the right temperature at the right time.


As in French cuisine, a successful event starts with the process of planning,  by imagining who the meal will be eaten with, where it will be eaten and it what shall be eaten! 


We start from the end......by defining the desired outcome.

If you can imagine what the outcome of the event should be, we will work with you step by step to ensure that you get there.

We have a chefs for every meal - our experts and Project Managers

We have cuisines for every dish - out technology

We have spices for every dish - out Interpreters



Costing an event to make the event financially budgetable and the outcome predicable is crucial for you. We understand that because it is crucial for us too.

Scheduling the event, training, tests and rehearsals are critical for the event's success. We plan them too.

Fine tuning the stages and discussing the outcome at each stage bring the project closer and closer to the expected outcome - the precise place it should be.

On the day of the event, we provide full support to make the necessary changes if things should go slightly of-course and to support both attendees and speakers.

At the end of the event we hold a debrief with all stakeholders - in this way we share our knowledge so that the next event is even better!

12 May 2021
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26 March 2021
  One of the challenges connected with providing interpreting services during a meeting is to have slides or documents that are translated available according to the participants choice. Ideally each participant