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07 January 2021

How Interpreters work from home to provide Online interpreting

The Covid-19 pandemic brought overnight changes to the world. Interpreters moved from working in booths to working at home. They work in two different ways:

  1. from a quiet room their home
  2. from a virtual booth at their home, with limited access, soundproofing and redundant access to Internet and electrical power

In both cases, Interpreters had to invest in computers, laptops and knowledge on how to interpret remotely and online and like most of us, to stay sane. 

RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpreting) is performed by Interpreters on request of Clients, Translation Agencies and Equipment Vendors and Service Providers.

Online Interpreters Worldwide is an independent organization the works with Interpreters all around the world to bring you the Customer the best possible quality of vocabulary, Industry knowledge and grammatical construct possible in a real time environment choosing the technology that determines where on the budget vs quality scale your event should be located.

RSI has brought some very valuable assets to the table in terms of the quality of Interpretation available in the world today:

  1. Interpreters can Interpret into their native language (#1 choice for quality)
  2. There is a wider variety of industry specialists to access all over the world
  3. You can still have access to good Interpreters when two events are happening at the same time
  4. Social media has now made the assessment and getting an opinion of an Interpreter before giving the Interpreter an assignment
  5. Interpreters have tools online to practice and improve their skills


Speak with us. We have a large network of Interpreters worldwide, to provide the the very best quality in interpreting any subject, at any time, in any place.



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